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AirLite™ Plate Carrier EK02™

AirLite™ Plate Carrier EK02™

Price: $185.00
Call 718.246.3838 for volume pricing.


NOTE: The EK02™ fits standard (SAPI) cut plates

AirLite™ plate carriers are the lightest MOLLE-compatible plate carriers in the world. Although they're ridiculously light, they're also extremely durable and strong carriers.

The EK02™ shares the same base design as our ultralight EK01™ with the addition of two integrated 6" wide side plate pockets. Minimal weight, minimal bulk, minimal complexity. AirLite™ is the original and best ultra-light carrier system. Beware of copycats. Patents pending.

Lead time may apply. Contact us for more information.

  • Built-in 6" wide side plate pockets
  • Featherlight:
    • SM: 10.8 oz.
    • MD: 11.4 oz.
    • LG: 12.2 oz.
    • XL: 12.8 oz.
  • Ultra minimal, ideal for low-vis or covert ops
  • Comfortable stretch closure
  • Easily adjustable
  • Drains water immediately
  • Attachment loops for AirLite™ Chest Rig on front
  • Includes optional plate camo covers
  • Fits standard SAPI-cut plates (for swimmer-cut plates, see EK03, EK04)
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