Woolnet Crew Neck Shirt
Woolnet Crew Neck Shirt
Product Number: APRAWC00LG0
Color: Black
Price: $134.90
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Woolnet Crew Neck Shirt

ACLIMA WOOLNET® CREW NECK is a base layer top designed for high-intensity activities when moisture transport, weight, ventilation, and the highest functionality is the most important. The net construction creates small air pockets that provide excellent insulation, reducing overheating. Thanks to the material’s ability to transport moisture, the temperature is regulated during high and low intensity levels, almost like a thermostat. The wool net is fast drying and comfortably stretchy.


We have partnered with Norwegian wool specialists, Aclima® to bring you an innovative and military-tested base layering system. Aclima® is family-owned and has been developing cold weather solutions since 1939. They specialize in Merino wool base layers for all climates, activity levels, and professions. Wool has the unique ability to insulate as well as wick moisture from the body. It also has a natural anti-microbial trait that reduces odor. The HotWool layers integrate with our G3 and G4 uniforms. They can be worn underneath in cold environments to add scalable layers of insulation. These unique features and Aclima’s creative design made them the logical choice for our Alpine Terrain Operations (ATO) cold weather line.


  • Insulative and thermal regulating during high activity
  • Antimicrobial for odor reduction
  • Moisture wicking pulls sweat away from body

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